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If you're like most people, you probably would like to know how to get started with putting your affairs in order. The below information is intended to provide an overview of the initial steps that you could take now to achieve your Life & Estate Planning goals.


A telephone call to our office is all it takes to start the ball rolling.  Our initial conversation will give us an opportunity to: (1) introduce ourselves to one another, (2) obtain a general sense of your planning goals, (3) determine whether we can be of assistance, and, if so, (4) find a good time to sit down together and more fully discuss your planning goals and wishes. 

Following our telephone conversation, we'll send you an Introductory Packet that will serve to further familiarize you with our firm, summarize the topics that we will cover during your consultation, and provide you with a helpful checklist of information/documents that you should gather in preparation for our meeting. 


Just as a doctor needs to examine a patient and make a diagnosis before prescribing a particular treatment for the patient, an attorney must first consult with the client to fully understand the client's situation and ascertain all the facts of the matter before recommending a particular course of action to the client.

The initial consultation is essential for obtaining all the pertinent information required for a complete and accurate picture of your current needs, as well as identifying any potential problems or legal issues that may not be readily apparent to you; but, nonetheless, would need to be properly addressed in your Life & Estate Plan to ensure that your legal interests are fully protected.    

Once we have this important background information, we'll be able to accurately answer your questions and discuss suitable planning options that could help accomplish your goals, along with the pros and cons associated with each option. We'll also explain the applicable laws to you, provide our professional recommendation(s), and assist you in determining what is best for your particular situation - depending on your personal wishes and level of comfort. 

At the conclusion of our meeting (i.e., once we have a full understanding of your current situation, goals, and wishes), we'll quote a fee to complete any projected legal work to be performed on your behalf.  


If you elect to move forward with our Life & Estate Planning services, we'll provide you with a Retainer Agreement (sometimes also referred to as an "Engagement Letter") that will confirm the specific legal services that we will be performing for you, as well as the applicable legal fee for completing these services. 

Once the signed Retainer Agreement is returned to our office (along with the applicable retainer fee), we will be authorized to act as your attorney and begin working on fulfilling your planning goals. 



The first step to putting your affairs in order is simple - call us today at (914) 686-7272 to schedule a consultation and start the ball rolling.  We'll be happy to guide you the rest of the way to accomplishing your planning goals and ensuring that you and your loved ones will have a safe and secure future.

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