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We appreciate and welcome the many new clients that are referred to us by accountants, financial planners, investment advisors, bankers, and insurance professionals.  We highly value the collaborative approach and working together as a team in mutually serving your clients' needs -  by implementing sound, comprehensive, and highly effective estate plans. 

Here's what you can count on when referring a client matter to The Law Offices of Michael J. Amoroso:

Respect for your Client Relationships

We seek to complement and enhance your long-term financial advisory relationship with your client.  You can be assured that we will value, respect, and nurture that relationship. 

Providing Your Clients with Sound Legal Guidance

We look forward to collaborating with you to fully serve your client's planning needs by delivering sound legal guidance and highly customized plans designed to protect your client's assets and carry out their planning goals.  

Providing Your Clients with Excellent Service

You can rest assured knowing that your client's matter will receive the expertise, personalized care, and attention it deserves.  Your client will always be treated with the utmost courtesy and respect, and every client matter will be handled with an uncompromising commitment to the highest professional and ethical standards.  

Keeping You Involved in the Planning Process

We welcome and encourage you to stay involved throughout the planning process - attending any of our meetings or participating in any telephone calls with your client. Or, if you prefer, we would be happy to handle the planning without your involvement. We respect your time, and it's entirely up to you on how involved (or not involved) you'd like to be in the process. 

Strengthening Your Trusted Relationships 

We are honored to receive your client referrals and, ultimately, it is our goal to add value to your relationship with your clients by having them thank you, even moreso than us, for the quality service, value, and experience that The Law Offices of Michael J. Amoroso provided to them. 

If you have a client who could benefit from our Life & Estate Planning services, please feel free to call us at (914) 686-7272.  We look forward to the prospect of working together with you in ensuring that all of your client's planning needs are achieved.    

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