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At the Law Offices of Michael J. Amoroso, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the following legal services in a professional, caring, and cost-effective manner. With our commitment to knowing each client, we are confident that we will be able to address all of your planning needs and provide you with a solution that is right for you and your loved ones.

ASSET PROTECTION                      &

Family with Young Children

Most people believe that Life & Estate Planning is only for the very wealthy - but this couldn't be further from the truth. Every adult should, at a minimum, have a basic Life & Estate Plan in place to ensure that their most important wishes will be carried out.


If something should happen to you, and you don't have a properly documented legal plan in place that clearly lays out your wishes, then the laws of the State in which you reside will dictate what happens with your health care, your property, your minor children (if any), and your estate - and it most likely will not be what you would want.


If you would like to control your destiny and ensure that your most important wishes regarding your health care, your home, your financial assets and your estate will be carried out, contact us so we can put together a plan that accomplishes all your goals.

ELDER LAW                                  &

Man in Nursing Home

The high costs of long-term care can quickly wipe-out a lifetime of savings and leave a family in financial ruin. However, with proper planning, Long-Term Care Insurance, Home Care Medicaid (a/k/a "Community Medicaid"), or Nursing Home Medicaid can provide the means to cover these exorbitant costs and preserve your hard-earned assets.


If you or a loved one currently require long-term care; or, if you would like to take steps to protect your home and financial assets in the event you need medical care down-the-road, call us today to explore the planning strategies that are available to you.



Parents with Disabled Child

If you have a loved one who is incapacitated and requires assistance with his/her personal care or financial affairs; or, a loved one with special needs who is currently receiving government benefits but requires supplemental financial assistance to pay for certain additional items or services to improve his/her quality of life, please call us to discuss your loved one's particular needs and learn how we could assist you with either the appointment of a Legal Guardian or the creation of a Special Needs Trust to ensure that your loved one is fully protected and receiving the best care possible.



The death of a spouse or loved one can have a devastating impact on the surviving family members. In addition to the grief and emotional turmoil that accompanies the sudden loss, there are the challenges that come with administering the decedent's estate.

The probate and estate administration process is fraught with many legal pitfalls and any personal representative (i.e., Executor, Administrator or Trustee) charged with managing the estate bears tremendous responsibility and personal liability to see things through properly. 

If you have suffered the loss of a loved one, contact us so that we may help you navigate the probate process, ensure that the estate is properly administered, and see to it that the estate assets are promptly distributed to the rightful beneficiaries.

REAL ESTATE                                 &


Home and Estate

For most people, their home is their single greatest investment.  Therefore, if you're purchasing or selling a home, it's crucial to have an experienced attorney in your corner to make sure that your interests are fully protected through each and every step of the process; from the negotiation and preparation of the Contract of Sale through the closing of title.    

If you're already a homeowner, and you wish to keep your home and ensure that it is fully protected during your lifetime (e.g., from Medicaid and other potential creditors, etc.) and, upon your death, have it pass to your loved ones as part of your legacy, without the hassles of probate, contact us to discuss the various home protection strategies that could help you accomplish your goals. 


Legal Document

Whether you're a small business owner, a family-run business, or a corporate employee, you have invested a lot of time and hard work to attain your position. As part of our comprehensive Life & Estate Planning services, we offer business owners and corporate employees legal counsel on a wide range of business issues. If you are experiencing any legal issues in connection with your business, or simply wish to ensure that your business interests are fully protected, please call us to discuss our creative problem-solving solutions and sound business planning strategies. 

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